Trombone Choir: Hymn by Tommy Pederson

31 10 2009

St. Louis Low Brass Collective’s 2009 Gala Concert.

Wow.  Nothing else.

Tommy Pederson

St. Louis Low Brass Collective


Where’s your problem solving happy place?

5 10 2009

I took an algorithms exam last week.  It did not go well.  I knew it wouldn’t though since I hadn’t spent much time on the material.  The interesting thing though is the difference in the parts that went well and the parts that didn’t.  Hashing and trees were no problem while recurrence relations and mathematical induction very much were.  See the difference? It’s between the concrete and the abstract; or for me, things I can visualize and things I can’t.  I know I can do them, but I’ll need to work very hard to get those abstract things down.

This leads to my question: Where do you like to solve problems?  At abstract and theoretical layers like mathematics and theoretical physics?  Fundamental layers, like the sciences and social sciences?  Applied layers, like engineering and education?  Interaction layers, like languages, communications and tools?  Observation layers like art, music and literature?

Okay, those are all my own ad-hoc classifications ranging somewhere between the smallest things and the largest things with humans and human society thrown in.  Don’t flame me, these are thoughts in progress.  Please contribute, though.

Anyway, I probably work best and most enjoy working at the level of interaction, mainly with communications and tools.  Some of may favorite leisure reading materials are tools catalogs, both high and low tech.  Why?  I think mainly because I find the *something else* that can be done with the tools fascinating, even if I don’t want to do the *something else* myself.  As far as communications goes, I think tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Voice, and the internet in general can be and are being put to good use.  (It also helps to think of them as communications tools rather than that great buzzterm “social network tool/site/blinkyflarg.”)

So I’m here to learn: where is your problem solving sweet spot?  Or, can you help clarify what I’m trying to say?