Clean and simple…blog engines.

23 02 2006

Thanks to a co-worker (Pattern Recognition), WordPress is my blog engine of choice. I had looked at Blogger and Livejournal and was not too impressed with their overall presentation, public and administrative. I asked Jason’s input and he pointed me to as a free hosted solution, and I like it. It’s very clean and simple. We’re also using WordPress for the library blog. It’s internal only right now, but it’ll may be public someday.

My brother uses Livejournal (splogs) so I don’t disparage his blog; I like what he posts and its quality very much indeed. I think it’s funny that when I was exploring LJ, I ended up choosing the same theme he uses without realizing it. It’s the cleanest, simplest one I found.



17 02 2006

I wonder how many new bloggers use that title for their first post. I thought I would leave the default “Hello World!” alone and add this one separately just to get this inanity over with. Okay. Good. It’s done. Now, on to some personal expression…

Hello world!

17 02 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!